A Year of “Firsts” for Woods at the 2018 Haciendas – A Parade of Homes

by robwoods24

For fourteen years, Woods has participated in the Haciendas – A Parade of Homes, inviting the public into our homes to celebrate the passion we share for remarkable craftsmanship, architecture and design. This year’s event was particularly special to Woods as it was a year of “firsts” for our team.

Six days, One Night, and Three Homes

This year, Woods was open for tour for six days, including one evening event for our Twilight Party. And, for the first time ever, we exhibited three homes during the Parade. Showing three homes was more challenging than our team had expected, but the payoff was incredible. The additional homes made it possible to exhibit our technique and diversity in products in our repository. With 2,000 people visiting our homes, the event was bustling with excitement from the public just as we had hoped.

Attendees had a spectacular time visiting the homes and provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on our homes, which was much appreciated for our team. We were proud that our homes stood out from the crowd; attendees praised the exquisite detail featured in each property and how each home exuded comfort and warmth. We believe homes should be more than just a pretty face but should foster real lifestyles, and we were happy attendees appreciated those characteristics as well.

Recognition from Our Peers

The feedback from the public made the additional effort in this year’s event worth every minute our team spent planning the event. As another first, Woods was recognized with 8 Haciendas – A Parade of Homes awards, a record-breaking year for our team. And for the eleventh year in a row, our peers voted us as the recipient of the Best Craftsmanship award, an acknowledgment to our team’s dedication to quality design, architecture, and process.

Planning for the Future

It’s humbling to be acknowledged by our peers, the community, and the public. While we are honored to be recognized for our work, our goal each year with the Parade is to continue the legacy my brother and I inherited when we took over the business: demonstrating consistency in excellence.

We hope to illustrate this again next year as we now begin planning for the 2019 event.  We hope to continue to live up to the standard we’ve set, push our limits, and above all, exceed the standard and expectations year after year for our customers. That’s what you can expect from Woods.

~ Rob Woods

Woods 2018 Haciendas – A Parade of Homes Awards

Camino Cruz Blanca House:

  • Best Kitchen
  • Best Outdoor Living
  • Best Site Engineering

Tesuque Overlook House:

  • Best Kitchen
  • Best Design
  • Best Master Suite
  • Best Craftsmanship

5 Camino Campanario:

  • Best Master Suite
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