Advantages of Hiring a Design-Build Firm

by robwoods24


Designing and building a custom home can be a daunting and intimidating task. Difficulties such as balancing varying recommendations from your architect and builder, schedule delays and out-of-control budgets can arise.

We believe there’s a better way: Architectural design, interior design and construction all under one roof. At Woods, we have assembled an expert team of experienced professionals to service all your design and building needs and ensure the overall process is smooth and enjoyable. That means one company to communicate with from start to finish, which saves you time and money. Other benefits of going with a design-build firm include:

  1. Collaborative team effort. The architect, project manager, account manager, and construction supervisor are all on the same team. At Woods all our team members work in concert from the very beginning of initial design until the project is fully complete. We work together to overcome obstacles and make sure no detail is overlooked. This one-team approach helps eliminates the blame game that can often occur between independent architects and general contractors.
  2. Reduced cost. An outside architect is often much more expensive than the design fees you will pay with a design-build firm. Add to that the risk of conflicting budgets that can arise when you work with architects, contractors and designers independently of one another. At Woods, we charge a fixed design fee that encompasses all architectural and interior design services.
  3. Aligned expectations. We are all on the same page. At Woods, the architect, project manager and estimator work hand in hand to make sure the plans reflect the client’s vision and budget. Often times with outside architects, the plans and the budget can be miles apart.
  4. Efficiency. Cut out the misunderstandings and delays in communication that can occur between an independent architect and contractor. Through value engineering, Woods can help eliminate budget challenges and our streamlined design-build process can often shorten the design and building timeline.

We want you to enjoy the design-build process. We want your home to reflect your dreams, vision and uniqueness. This has been our family-owned company’s goal since day one back in 1977. Read more about our history and approach here.

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