Building Homes with Character: The Woods Difference

by robwoods24

Woods Design Builders

Choosing a custom home builder means partnering with a firm whose design philosophy and style align with your vision. Our experience in homebuilding and the collaborative process we’ve developed set us apart from other home builders and designers in Santa Fe. The result? An exquisite bespoke home that is as unique as the client it was built for.

The Difference in Our Business

Santa Fe is a community with a foundation built on heritage and family, and our business reflects that. We are a boutique, family-owned firm, so building with us is a very personal and intimate journey. You work directly with me (Rob), my brother, my mother, our designers, our architect and our estimator. Since it’s such a customized, labor-intensive process, it’s inevitable that we develop strong relationships with our clients. Many current and past clients have been a part of milestone events throughout our lives. In fact, we are still in touch with clients whose homes we finished 20-30 years ago.

The Difference in Our Design

Our detailed space program was specifically designed to help us mold a dream home that’s not only a classic Woods’ home, but a home that is specifically tailored to each person or family. Clients are asked to complete five pages of questions that serve as a guide for us during the design process. The space program includes questions like:

  • What is your general style? Pueblo, Territorial, Spanish Colonial, Contemporary?
  • How many bedrooms would you like? Bathrooms?
  • Do you want any specialty rooms like a study or gym?
  • What rooms are important to you to have a view?
  • What needs should your home fulfill?
  • What style and type of art will you showcase?
  • What important pieces (furniture or decorative) will you display in your home?
  • Will your home have any type of outdoor living space?

From there, we take the “wish list” and tailor a floor plan specifically for the lot. Our designs are a unique combination of the client’s lifestyle and needs with their desired aesthetics. While every home is different, each blends old techniques with modern amenities and style so that our clients enjoy the best of both worlds.

We would love to build your dream Santa Fe home into a reality. View our portfolio of completed projects for inspiration or contact us with your own ideas. Let us help bring your custom home vision to life!

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