5 Dining Rooms Designed for Holiday Entertaining

by robwoods24

Every dining room is different. Some are incorporated into the living space, while others are set apart for special occasions. One aspect all dining rooms have in common is that they are a place where family and friends gather and meals are shared.

A dining room can be a casual spot to eat and socialize, or a formal room where guests are treated to fancy meals. As we shift into the holiday season, hosts and hostesses are preparing their dining rooms to be the backdrop for memories and entertainment.

Here are five of our favorite dining rooms that will have you dreaming about your future home.

The table should be the focal point of the room; large enough for all guests, yet comfortable to relax and dine.

Warmer colors – like red, gold and orange – will have guests lingering in the cozy atmosphere after meals.

Chandeliers and candlesticks are just a few details that can create a special ambiance about the room.

An open floor plan can allow for the ease of transferring dishes and entertaining guests.

Several vintage pieces can add a historic charm to make your dining room more formal.

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