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Holidays in Santa Fe are truly magical. We love seeing the beautiful homes we’ve built and remodeled adorned with flickering farolitos and classic holiday decorations. One of the best parts of building a custom home or remodeling is planning for the amount of guests and events you plan to hold in your home. If entertaining is important to you and your family, here are some tips to maximize your spaces.

During the Design/Build/Remodel Process

Are you considering building a home from scratch or remodeling your existing home? This gives you a unique opportunity to craft your spaces around your lifestyle. If you plan to do lots of entertaining, here are some elements to consider:

  • Open Layout: In a Woods home, an open floor plan is key to enhancing livability and entertaining. Open layouts allow for conversations to carry across multiple rooms and let guests feel like they’re connected to each other.
  • Kitchen Hearth Room: We are known for our kitchen hearth rooms. As we all know, everyone always ends up congregating in the kitchen. A properly situated hearth room allows for a comfortable space designed around a cozy kiva fireplace or television that is connected to the kitchen, allowing guests to seamlessly interact with one another between spaces.
  • Kitchen Island: Large islands allow you to prep and cook for your whole family and allow for a cozy, casual gathering place for guests.

holidays in santa fe

Tips for Your Existing Home

  • Lighting: Never underestimate the power of good lighting. It can turn a drab space into a warm and inviting home. Try placing warm-hued lights at eye level or lower and rely less on cool, bright overhead lights.
  • Outlets: The holidays are the time to be extra mindful of outlet usage. Be sure to watch their placement around flammable items and the reach of children, and never overload one! It’s always a good idea to invest in power strips to be safe rather than sorry.
  • Music: Music is also a powerful tool to set the mood for a get-together. Consider adding a built-in entertainment system that plays music throughout the house, or add Bluetooth speakers in each room.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a merry and happy holiday season.


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